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I shirked my household chores today. 

First a latte.  Then I wrangled the canoe on top of the car.  And a second latte.  I was ready to go fish.  At a lake with plentiful, large and easy Bass.  At least that’s what I was told.

So a short drive ensues.  Unload the canoe.  Make sure coffee cup doesn’t tip over as I launch the canoe.  And I start fishing.  And I catch some fish.  Small Bluegills.  A Sunfish.  But they’re fish.

And there are the turtles.  The lake is so clear I can see them several feet under me.  Or swimming next to me.  They don’t seem at all bothered by me or my boat.
I started wondering about the tales of Bass.  No sign of them.  I head over to the other side of the lake.  Wind kept blowing me into shore.  And I see them.  Big Bass.  They’re hugging the shore in a mess of lily pads.  But I try.

photo courtesy of - Carmen Hardin
photo courtesy of - Carmen Hardin

Flies get hung up on lily pads.  Bass ignore the poppers.  I get frustrated.  Then as I’m ready to call it quits, I get a bite.  A fish took my popper.

Rod up.  Line tight.  Slowly bring the fish in to me.  Then I see it.  A huge Bass!  Calm down.  Just keep bringing it in.  Grab the net.  Just keep the line tight.  A little closer.  And ... snap!  The line breaks and the fish is gone.  Some slightly foul words may have drifted across the lake.
Go home.  Have a BLT.

photo courtesy of - Carmen Hardin

Vow to never buy cheap bacon again.

Mow lawn.  Fix lawn mower.  Finish mowing lawn.  Pick some wild blackberries.  And then head over to another lake. More Bluegills.  Sunfish.  Take a picture of what may be biggest of the evening - it was.  And it certainly wasn’t that big.  And at 7 pm, the lake goes quiet.  Everyone scurries into their cabins to watch the ball game and I have the lake to myself.
I stay out too late.  It’s dark.  But the Loons come out.  I have three trailing behind me.  They’re chasing fish just at the surface.  Again, they don’t seem to mind me and the boat.  So I watch them.

A good day. 

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