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Fly Fishing At 13,000 Feet

Exploring Ecuador with a Fly Rod.

When I was preparing this article and thinking about my first fly fishing experience, I was inspired by a quote by Mahatma Gandhi. "A country's society can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

by ~ Mayra Angelica Martinez Molina
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Side By Side

Fishing as an art form.

Sliding down cellar doors, slapping a hand ball against cement stoops, drawing on steamy, black asphalt with chalk bought at the corner deli ... these were my day-to-day adventures growing up in Queens, New York. Any sign of greenery was sparse; four sycamore trees that lined our corner row home, a 10 foot patch of "grass" in our tiny yard, and the occasional dandelion that found its way into the cracks of the endless sidewalks. Skies rarely brightened beyond smoggy, pale blue and the only likeness of a stream was when the street gutters overflowed during a major downpour.

by ~ Emily Ennulat Lustine
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Spectacular Places

Fly fishing and the ecosystem make for the perfect experience.

My father always says a large part of his love for fly fishing derives from its ability to bring you to spectacular places that otherwise you may never see. An avid recreational fly fisherman, he has been introducing me to places over the last few years. Although not instantly enamored by the fishing part, I continued to go on the trips because I love to travel and spend time with my family. It wasn’t the idea of fly fishing for bonefish and tarpon that convinced me to go to Cuba; truthfully those fish meant nothing to me before June.

by ~ Hannah Kiesler
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Mercury & Dragonflies

Understanding how mercury gets into our fish.

It's always interesting for me, being an aquatic biologist and angler, to look down into the water and see the diversity of life on the bottom of a beautiful stream. It wasn't until recently during my time researching invertebrates, that I now go out to a stream while fishing and wonder how much mercury, a neurotoxin, is in the body of the small critter my fly is trying to resemble.

by ~ Megan Hess
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Lifestyle Articles

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Orvis Photoshoot

Permit fishing, farm-to-table lodge, world class guide service and beautiful coral reefs, what could be better?

Last November I had the opportunity to head to Punta Gorda, Belize for an Orvis photoshoot.  It took me all of a millisecond to say yes; for two reasons.  One, what Orvis is doing for women in fly fishing is so far above and beyond that I was happy to put my stamp of approval on association with them and two, it’s Belize.  Punta Gorda, Belize is known for its permit flats and ever since I can remember it’s been on my must-do list.  

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Let the Sun Shine In

Wrinkles, sun spots and the big C ... protecting yourself never looked so good.

My mom always said “brown fat looks better than white fat.” I lived by that mantra for years. When I was a teenager in the 80’s, putting iodine and baby oil on your skin and then baking in the sun was the “in” thing. I even blistered my whole face one year in Florida on spring break and call that “hillbilly dermabrasion.” While I say this in jest, the effects of the sun are beginning to take their toll. The older I get, the more important it is to me to protect my skin from the elements. Wrinkles and blotchy skin, coupled with a couple of friends who have had to undergo surgery for skin cancer have changed my idea about sunscreens and baby oil.

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You've Come a Long Way, Baby!

All coolers are not created equal.

In 1637, Sir William Berkley, the governor of Virginia, was given a patent to keep and store snow in caves and pits to prevent it from melting. Thus, began the long history of the ice chest, the chilly bin, the esky, the cool bin, the cooler.

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All Kayaks Are Not Created Equal!

A kayak made specifically with the fly angler in mind ... YES!

Last year at ICAST I was introduced to the new “fly fishing kayak,” appropriately called the MAYFLY. Now, let me just be completely honest here. I do not kayak. I’ve been in a kayak maybe twice in my life, and we’re not talking a KAYAK…we’re talking those watercrafts that call themselves kayaks that you can purchase at your local Walmart and come with a paddle.

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