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DUN Information Articles

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The Responsibility

Raising a daughter is big business

When Josh and I found out we were having a little girl, we both cried tears of joy. Josh won't admit that, but I'm telling his secret. I cook his meals and am the mother of his children. He can't get too mad right? Besides the "She's never dating," "She's never leaving the house" spiel, he said three things to me that day that melted my heart. Through the tears he told me "I really want her to be proud to have me as her father." "I'm going to work really hard to be the husband to you that she needs me to be. I want to show her how a man is supposed to treat her," and "I'm taking her hunting and fishing with me as soon as she's old enough." After all, he's raising a young lady that will one day become a wife and a mother if she so chooses. It's a huge responsibility!

by ~ Lisa Williams
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Ask Dun

The DUN team answers your questions.

You asked us what our favorite fish was. We answered.

by ~ Dun Team
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A family trip and a lifetime of memories.

I have been around fishing and the outdoors for my entire life. My dad has been fly fishing for as long as I can remember. When my brother and I turned about eight, our dad started teaching us how to fly fish. We have always adhered to the catch and release method. Drake, my brother, is a natural at it. I have been slowly improving my skills to feel confident at the age of 14. I can now cast without getting stuck every other cast, which is pretty awesome.

by ~ Annie Jones
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DUN Conservation Articles

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After The Fires

A look at the Smokies after

“There were no fish kills observed immediately after the fires. We do not anticipate any short or long-term population impacts on the trout streams in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.”

by ~ Charity Rutter
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Against The Flow

Learning to swim against the flow puts life in perspective.

Four years ago, I learned a new sport, my most favorite activity, my passion. This was fly fishing. I grew up in a small town in Western Kentucky. I had fished all my life, but only with a spin rod and bait. Fly fishing was foreign to me. Little did I know that it would empower me to be a leader, a conservationist, talk to others with confidence, want to travel to every state, and to not be afraid to be myself. Fly fishing has taught me to not swim with the flow, but against it.

by ~ Sydney Abbott
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The Smallest Decision

A serendipitous journey into fly fishing.

I sat anxiously until I heard the unmistakable beep of the seat belt sign clicking off. Immediately, I jumped up and snagged my rod case out of the overhead bin. I clutched the case and breathed a sigh of relief, (my eternal fear is that I will forget my fly rod on an airplane). I walked off the plane, breezed through customs, grabbed my white duffel bag, (breathed another sigh of relief knowing my luggage made it) and then walked outside. I was greeted by the intense sunlight, hair-frizzing humidity, and the throng of stressed out ‘gringos’ synonymous with Cancun, Mexico.

by ~ Gracie Baldwin
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DUN Education Articles

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100 Years

Think about your safety.

Whether you've realized it or not, fly fishing is definitely an athletic sport. No, it's not a bruising contact sport (unless you're fighting sharks, tarpon or billfish), but we all need to accept that it is not necessarily 100% A River Runs Through It or completely safe from injuries. In fact, statistics show that fly fishing is 100 times more dangerous than golf, and equally as dangerous as mountain climbing or hunting. The adventure factor of our sport is one of the tantalizing things that draws the wild at heart to fly angling. We enjoy the thrill of being a successfully deceptive scam artist in order to hook, land, and look our prey in the eye, unashamed, with delight and even a little smug in its capture.

by ~ Wanda Taylor
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Fishing Italy!

My husband and I are fly fishing partners and owners of an antique fishing tackle business called Angling Artifacts. We reside in and operate our business in Los Angeles and we find it a challenge to locate beautiful, unique and productive fly fishing spots nearby where we live. For that reason, the majority of our fly fishing trips have been in the Northwest part of the United States. However, we feel fortunate to have fished beautiful waters in the Adirondacks of New York, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, Alaska, British Columbia and the historic chalk streams of southwest England, but there was something magical about fly fishing in the Umbria region of Italy.

by ~ Yuriko Hirsch
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On Holiday

A positive attitude goes a long way.

There’s something about fly-fishing trips in remote places; the whole journey there, when you realize that 99% of everyone else on the plane is from that country and are either going home or to work. Being surrounded by Norwegian people, I had absolutely no idea what was being said, but knowing they are seriously kind and generous people, a polite smile and acknowledgment of acceptance in their country was all I needed to feel safe.

by ~ Lisa Isles
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DUN Features Articles

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Why aren't there more women in fly fishing?

Actual Survey Question.

by ~ Kaitlin Glines Barnhart
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Something Special

Standing knee deep in a river.

There's just something special about standing knee deep in a river in the early morning hours; suited up in waders, boots, pack on your hip, net on your back and fly rod in your hand, watching the mist slowly come off the river as the early morning sun filters through the trees overhead.

by ~ Alleigh Raymond
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The Golden West

Starting the Golden West Women's Fly Fishers.

When I left France to come to America after the second World War, my friend from school predicted that I would marry "The King of Chewing Gum." The man I married many years later wanted to work at a service station that had a sign "Gone Fishing" and that's how I found fly fishing and a whole new life.

by ~ Fannie Krieger
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