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by Ugly Bug Fly Shop

msrp - $5.99
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Stick to It
You need this.

X-Brew Coffee Dripper

by Sea To Summit

msrp - $17.95
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Good To the Last Drop
A good day on the water starts with a cup of coffee.

Da Perch

by Reel North Flies

msrp - $10.50
Post::payload 4535fc photo courtesy of - Nome Buckman

Fly Away
Nobody ties predator flies like Nome.

Atlas & Gazetteer

by DeLorme

msrp - $19.95
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Map It Out
Don't get lost, go old school.

Hammered Mug

by Woodford Reserve

msrp - $18.99
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Put The Hammer Down
Mix it up. Don't use the same old rocks glass like dad did.

Classic 18oz

by Klean Kanteen

msrp - $18.95
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Hit The Bottle
Everyone needs a place to put all those stickers.

Naturally Soft Hands Gift

by Burt's Bees

msrp - $14.99
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All Hands On Deck
Because the winter weather wreaks havoc on your skin.

Outdoor Lifestyle Diamond Socks

by Lorpen

msrp - $17.99
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Sock It To Me
Who doesn't love warm, colorful printed socks?


by SS Cocktail Straws

msrp - $20.00
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Straw Purchase
Care about the environment one straw at a time.

Line Up Kit

by Loon Outdoors

msrp - $10.50
Post::payload 232d4a photo courtesy of - Loon Outdoors

Keep it Clean
Without the line fly fishing isn't fly fishing, clean it.

Monthly Fly Box

by True Fly Supply

msrp - $6.00
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Box It Up
Instructional and fun subscription-based monthly fly kits

Reel Sisters

by Michelle Cummings

msrp - $15.99
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Sister, Sister
The novel that is sweeping the women's fly fishing world.

Super Slim Fly Box

by Orvis

msrp - $10.95
Post::payload 68534a photo courtesy of - Orvis

Organize It
Start your New Year's resolution early.

Delta Light Insulated Mug

by Sea To Summit

msrp - $7.95
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Cup Runneth Over
Don't forget the matching cup for your anywhere coffee setup.

Dead Drift Coffee

by Mayfly Coffee

msrp - $13.99
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Rise and Shine
The name isn't the only reason to love this coffee.

FlatPak Soap Bar Case

by Matador

msrp - $12.99
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Squeaky Clean
When you're roadtripping it and can't live without your favorite soap.

Fishe Nippers

by FisheWear

msrp - $20.00
Post::payload 62a6ee photo courtesy of - Fishewear

Cut It Out
Add a little flare to your fly fishing wardrobe.

First Descents River Rat

by Fishpond

msrp - $19.95
Post::payload c61b21 photo courtesy of - Fishpond USA

Give Back
Keep your beverage at hand and give at the same time

Fall 2018

by DUN Magazine

msrp - $20.00
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Get It DUN
Need we say more?

Moscow Mule

by Pocket Cocktails

msrp - $9.99
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Deep Pockets
The perfect stream side celebration, just add liquor.

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