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Check out these great deals at your local fly shop


by Sight Line Provisions

msrp - $50.00
Dun post::payload e1c994 photo courtesy of - Sight Line Provisions
These amazing cuffs have taken the industry by storm, and for good reason. We just can’t get enough of them! Bold and yet elegant like the fish they represent, show what’s in your sight line with one of these elegant, handmade pieces.

Juice CS3

by Leatherman

msrp - $29.95
Dun post::payload dc1d10 photo courtesy of - Leatherman
For those of us who don’t feel comfortable carrying around a big pocket knife, this handy little tool is perfect. With just enough bells and whistles to make it a must have, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your nippers, bottle opener or wine corker again! Don’t leave shore without it!

Razor Scissors

by Loon Outdoors

msrp - $24.95
Dun post::payload 7015c2 photo courtesy of - Loon Outdoors
When new fly tiers ask what they should invest in, the answer always includes a good pair of scissors. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to cut material with a dull scissors. Like their name suggests, they are razor sharp and we love that one side is serrated and grabs the material. Oh, and that yellow loon handle makes them easy to find, even on the messiest of fly tying tables.

Tacky Collab Fly Box

by Orvis

msrp - $35.00
Dun post::payload 98c722 photo courtesy of - Orvis
This clever collaboration between two of our favorite companies makes the perfect fly box. If at this point you don’t own a couple Tacky boxes, you’re missing the boat. Their sleek design easily allows you to carry 336 flies and takes up a lot less space than conventional boxes. The tacky mats are silicone and hold flies tighter while at the same time being much more durable.


by De-Fishing

msrp - $8.98
Dun post::payload ab1bde photo courtesy of - De Fishing Soap
Catching fish is great, but smelling fishy isn’t. De-fish yourself with this unique formula which deactivates and washes away odors and oils. It’s one of our favs! Available in 3 oz bottles and 5 ml travel packs.

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