What I want to say for this review, in giant letters, is I LOVE THIS BASELAYER. But, that would be pretty boring. True, but boring. So here it is.

I’m a base layer freak. In fact, people make fun of me because I frequently wear my wool base layers as regular shirts. There’s something about them. They’re comfortable, they form fit well and they handle the weather in Tennessee well; those drastic changes from cold in the morning to warmer in the afternoon. This hoodie is no exception. I’ve been wearing it as a regular shirt. You can see it in some of the photos taken of me in our social media posts.

And why not? There’s no rule saying you can’t wear your favorite pair of slippers every day. Yes, I’m comparing this hoodie to your favorite pair of slippers. This will become your staple. Made of DUAL SURFACETM Precision Blended Wool this layer is warm, comfy and LIGHT, super light. I’m telling you, this is like wearing a second skin with UV protection.