When you board your first leg of a big trip, your fishing expectations are the highest they will ever be and they remain so as you imagine all the possible things you will see and experience on the water while en route.  Even though I’d consider myself a veteran angler who knows fishing is unpredictable at its best, I still love to daydream.  Fishing with great distances in between point A and point B can put a lot of stress on whether or not the trip was worth it.  I’m here to remind you to keep an open mind when traveling and not set too much pressure on fishing by having such high expectations.  Also, be open to any form of fishing, if that is your only option.  But first, let me set the record straight.  This trip’s agenda was not a fishing trip, but to have fun on the beach and in the mountains of Costa Rica with one day of fishing.  ONLY ONE DAY!  No pressure at all.  

There are two major airports into Costa Rica: San Jose and Liberia.  We opted for Liberia as both beaches and mountains would be accessible.  Fortunately, the dry season was very dry and would continue.  Our coastal destination and home base was Playa Del Coco.  

It took weeks of preparation and research to tie up enough flies for anything that might cross my path.  Originally I was going to do a DIY from the local beaches, but an opportunity to get out into the coastal waters was too tempting to pass up for my one day of fishing.  The fishing odds would be more in my favor, or so I thought.

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Photo by Nome Buckman

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Photo by Nome Buckman