For me, some of the best days on the water involve more than just fishing.

While we often endure seemingly endless streaks of harsh conditions while fishing, one’s appreciation of calm, blue-sky days can also become magnified. I’m reminded of a particular day, the last day of our annual trip to New Zealand. We’d planned a trip on the water with our friends Serge and Sharron and their pups. Outings with these friends always prove to be an adventure and I expected nothing less that day.

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Photo by Amelia Jensen

Our hike to the river started out by scrambling down a steep cliff to reach the valley bottom. There were boulders the size of basketballs stacked like cordwood, loose enough to quickly roll your ankle. It wasn’t until the last third of the descent that we hit the classic boot-skiing type rock you hope for. We watched the cloud of dust fill the air as we each descended, making sure none of us bit the dust and went down head first.

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Photo by Amelia Jensen