Last year some women friends and I took a trip to the Bighorn River in southeast Montana for dry fly fishing. It's a tailwater river known for a trifecta: brown trout rainbow trout and whitefish. They tend to be large and wily, even the 'whites." While my friend Terry and I fished our arms off last year for trout, my friends took another approach, a more leisurely approach. Their guide, they announced, was taking them for a day of Carp fishing with martinis. A picnic they said. All we could say was WHAT? They returned from the outing with smiles as wide as Wyoming: Their 80-year-old spirits uplifted.

This year Terry and I returned in mid-August, checked into the Kingfisher Lodge near Fort Smith, Montana and connected with our guide. We fished for the usual suspects the first two days on the Bighorn River under blistering heat, with mixed results.

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Photo by Ann Bodle Nash